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FREE Music Promotion & Distribution Service

Want your music to get noticed? We can help! We have relationships with all the big names in the music and entertainment industry and can put them to use for you. We can  distribute your music into a multitude of digital retailers; iTunes, Napster, AmazonMP3, ZUNE,, & Rhapsody are just a couple of the online retailers that will be selling your music.  Here's how our FREE music distribution and marketing service works:


cdYour music released in 300+ digital stores worldwide!

cdYour music sold as a ring tone

 cdYou receive 50% of royalties from the sale of your music!

 cdFree Statements. We always provide statements to detail your sales with each payment.

 cdRoyalty payments and statements sent out quarterly.

cdFREE music video created from your track & published on - guaranteed to get thousands of hits!!! 

cdFREE artist/band profile page on GetUpRadio to showcase and promote your music and videos. 

cdFREE marketing and promotion of your music on radio, internet radio, social networking sites, podcasts, and blogs!

cdFREE advice and mentoring from music business experts.

cdNo Setup Fees

cdNo Maintenance Fees


cdNo Fees Whatsoever For This Service!!! 

cdGet special discounts on other services like album pressing, mastering, graphic design, website design, merchandising, and more.


How can we possibly offer so much value for free? Simple! - It helps us all out! By promoting your music, we are also promoting GetUpRadio - and that's a Win-Win for everybody!  We know how to leverage the power of the world wide web to make a huge splash in your market. We have tons of connections in the music industry and will put them to use for you. Let us put our expertise to work for you! We will help give the world a chance to hear your music!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Will My Music Be Sold?

We distribute your music into a multitude of digital retailers; iTunes, Napster, AmazonMP3, ZUNE,, & Rhapsody are just a couple of the online retailers that will be selling your music. We service over 300 mp3 retailers worldwide including the following stores.


How does the FREE MUSIC VIDEO creation and promotion process work?

We will create a simple music  video consisting of your song's track and an image of you or your band. It is a simple, but effective way to get a music video made. The video will have your image, band/artist name and song name, as well as a credit to GetUpRadio. The song will end early, encouraging users to click through to our website where they can hear the rest of the song. If you already have a music video, we can use it instead. We will upload the music video to our YouTube channel and feature it here on  We will also pay for advertising your music video on YouTube. We will drive thousands of hits to any video and will add your video to our traffic rotation, guaranteed to get your video thousands of views on YouTube.

Do you guys Release Physical CD’s?

We do not release physical CD’s for physical distribution in retail stores. 

When and How Do The Bands Get Paid?

We pay our bands quarterly(April, July, October and January) for the royalties earned at that point.  We will email you statements to prove your digital sales and mail you checks.

Do I Have To Pay A Setup Fee?

No. The set up is absolutely free!

How Long Will It Take For My Music To Be Available For Download?

We will send your music to the retailers as soon as we have everything converted and formatted. Each retailer has their own policies to be completed before the songs are available. This time will depend per store.

What If My Band Gets Signed To a Label?

If that label does not deal with digital distribution, we will continue to distribute your music. However, if the label does, we will work with that label to transfer over the distribution rights.

What Will You Do For My Band?

Our goal is to make sure that you succeed. We will do everything possible to help you market your music. In addition, we will market your music as well.

Why do I need a barcode?

All digital stores use barcodes to track sales.  If you already have a barcode we can use that.  If not you can either purchase one from us for $15 or from another vendor.

How long does my distribution contract last?

The contract lasts for 14 months.  That gives us a month to get everything in all stores, a full year of sales, and a month to pull everything out of the stores.  If you wish to renew your contract at the end of 14 months you do not have to do anything.  It will automatically renew for another 14 months.  If you wish to cancel simply let us know and it will be done.

Can I release a single with you, or do you only do albums and EP’s?

You can release singles or whole CD's. We consider everything an album; a single is just an album with 1 song. We would submit it the same way as an album.

How much do I get paid for royalties?

We pay you 50% of royalties received from the sale of your music. This is how we can offer our service for absolutely no fee whatsoever. We only make money if you do. We spend a lot of money getting your music encoded properly for digital retailers. We also spend a lot of money on marketing services and promotion fees. Out of our 50% cut, only about 10% is actual profit for us. The rest goes towards getting your music in front of as many ears as possible. We know you would rather make 50% royalties and sell thousands of copies than make 100% and possibly only sell a few copies. That is why we are able to provide this service at no cost to you whatsoever.

Do I have to pay for royalty statements like other distributors?

No. Our statements are always free. We automatically issue them with each payment. We do not agree with making you pay to see where your sales are coming from.

What is digital distribution?

It is the distribution of music in a digital format. We make your song available for purchase in digital retail stores.

What/Who Is IODA?

We have access to the Independent Online Distribution Alliance IODA that facilitates the digital distribution of your music.  They are partnered with Sony/Red to help further their digital reach.

Why Do I Have To Sign A Contract?

We hate these things just as much as you do. Unfortunately, the stores require us to obtain contracts from all of the bands we distribute. This also covers all of the parties involved. The agreement is found in term of use during the submission process.

Am I Signing The Copyrights Over To You?

No! You retain all rights to your music. The only thing you sign to us is the rights to distribute your music in digital format.

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