Community Points Contest

Community Points Contest


Welcome to the Community Points Contest Section. Here you will get to understand how you can use the points you earn from performing certain actions on our online community to be entered into MONTHLY CONTESTS for a chance to win FREE MONEY, PRIZES, A FREE SMARTPHONE or even WIN a CHANCE to own a piece of GET UP RADIO MEDIA BROADCASTING LLC.


Upper Management of Get Up Radio


You can see that there are several ways to earn points on the point system for the Get Up Radio Online Community. There is also a 5 STAR SYSTEM as well which will automatically include you into certain raffles and giveaways when you reach a certain STAR in the STAR SYSTEM.

As far as the 5 STAR SYSTEM works, you will be entered into the raffle / contests below automatically once you reach that STAR in the STAR SYSTEM:

(Raffles occur every 1 to 3 months)

5 STAR RAFFLE will occur every DECEMBER 31 of the calender year***



2 STARS  = FREE $25 Dollar Visa Gift Card or Gas Card

3 STARS = FREE $50 Dollar Visa Gift Card or Gas Card


5 STARS = Be placed in RAFFLE to win a percentage of Get Up Radio MEDIA BROADCASTING LLC.


As far as the point system, you can do the following to earn points and then read below to see what you can use your points for.



13   Add video
-10   Remove video
12   Add Event
4    Upload Event Avatar
11   Post a new topic in Forums
2    Reply to a topic in Forums
3    Attach image to a Forum topic
3    Attach a file to a Forum topic
10    Add Application
-8    Remove Application     
6    Upload Photo


9  Add New Group
3  Add New Group’s Discussion
-5  Leave Group
3  Approve Friend Request
2  Add New Photo Album
3  Post Group Wall
2  Reply Messages     
-3  Remove Group member
-3  Delete news     
-1  Remove Wall 
-1  Remove Photo album
-1  Remove photos

  4   Join Group     
3   Reply Group’s Discussion
2   Post Wall     
3   Profile Status Update
4   Profile Update 
3   Update group     
4   Upload group avatar
5   Create Group’s News
3   Post Wall for photos
-2   Remove Friend     
9   Upload profile avatar
2   Update privacy     


You will earn points for performing the following things above and you will be able to use your points towards, FREE ADVERTISING, FREE MONEY or to purchase Get Up Radio Items such as T-Shirts, bags, ETC…

Using Point to earn money!

Want FREE CASH? Well join the online community and earn the points to make the cash!

Here is the point system for ADS & FREE CASH!























10000 Points $10 Cash
25000 Points $25 Cash
50000 Points $50 Cash
100000 Points

$100 Cash

                       200000 Points   Win a Free 3 Hour Limo Ride
                       300000 Points   Host Your Own show for 1 Year
                       400000 Points   Win $400 Cash
                       450000 Points   Win $500 Cash
                      500000 Points    Win a FREE 3 or 5 Day Cruise**
                      600000 Points   Win a Date with one of our Models**
                       700000 Points   Win $2,500 Shopping Spree**
                       800000 Points   Win 3 Day Trip to New Orleans**
                       900000 Points   Win 3 Day Trip to Atlanta**
                      1000000 Points   Win 7 Day Cruise**
** All Prizes with asterisks will be based on availability of staff and given to a max of 2 people in 1 Calender Year, unless authorized by Owner of Get Up Radio. **