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The owners of Get Up Radio Media Broadcasting LLC has decided due to so many videos being on youtube, myspace and music being on so many social media networks drowning out the possible 5% of great and talented artists that we help! 

Get Up Radio Media Broadcasting LLC is going to do this by allowing you, the ARTIST, SINGER, BAND, MUSICIAN, to send us your video, or music mp3 that is the next “GREAT HIT” via email by mailing it to and we, along with other music specialists will review the video or mp3 and contact you if we see potential in presenting it to the many Radio Directors, General Managers, and Record Label A&R that we have direct contact with. We will take those that we feel have such talents and promote them and ONLY THEM on our new page coming on get up radio called “HOT TALENT” making sure they get the needed attention they deserve. 


Are you the one we should promote, and bring towards other radio stations and record labels as well as personally help promote on our site to individuals around the world?

If the answer is YES then email us with your name, contact phone number, email address and your video and / or mp3 demo.


PLEASE make sure your music MP3 song is copywritten by BMI or ASCAP before sending it to us at If you don’t know how to copyright your music, then feel free to contact us first and we will be happy to help you do so. 


We are waiting to help those that deserve the right to be NOTICED and have that DREAM finally COME TRUE! Send us your music or video and find out if you are ready for RADIO and MORE!

Only so many can get on American Idol, or The Voice, or Who’s Got Talent…that is why we are here to help you NOW! Send your music or video to us now at .


Get Up Radio Media Broadcasting LLC Management


***Please note that if you are highly talented and we see a need to present you on our “HOT TALENT” Page and also present you to other Radio Stations and Record Lables that you will need to be sign a preliminary promotion contract as you cannot promote yourself to any Entertainment Company without legal representation. We MUST obey that same law in order to help you.