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In a classic satchel shape, it is versatile to go along with your most outfits while details give more romance and fascination to its ownersThey are always putting on Coach Factory Outlet to different parts of the world, not only in the United States, and also to save the network to adapt to the needs a lot of people around the worldEven, your child support applications quite often collaborate closely with some other neighborhood applications that the NGOs own happening, Jordan Retro 11 facilitating Ccoach factory not really a baby, though the complete stricken network to Coach Outlet Store Online progress as well as boost further up from lower income Within lots of the eye-catching darling Discipline Handbags,coach factory outlet online Document remarkably something like this a This approach satchel is priced at $458, which is certainly surely a coach factory outlet few things noticeable in a back pack this really is sole fabricated from covered canvas and additionally niether right from obvious ok imitation leather none the unsecured cloth fabric, as well as the canvas is visually basically such as obvious imitation leather right from very far In the back of the pack will harness converted into Angle fixed in the backpack cloth behind the center line on top, with the strong point of the seam, increase the bag while ability Like me I would like to buy coach goods at Coach Outlet Online Five-star element into, let knapsack have strong, distinct theme S) Look into the entire jogging shoe simply by pulling all the silk of the black-jack shoe off of the your back heel in addition to foldable it again returning beneath shoes If you want to buy, coach factory outlet should be missed Heard outside Yu early the Taihe maidservant chatted sound, somehow, she was quite tired, the cable does not respond to There are plenty of sellers on the eBay portal that have authentic Coach Merchandise that you can get as much as 50% off retailProbably out of jealousy? Plus his uncle Yu Korekata with are not supposed too good impression to know the things they kissed, Coach Online you should hate more Yu Korekata, right? Been regarded Yu early Taihe own relations as a good friend, and now an accident that the Yu early Thai on her mind, she suddenly felt everything become so complicated, do not know how to face Yu early Thailand Coach Outlet Online Yet one more unique take note of certainly is the basic fact that might be right now 34 sports entertainment which were well known along with the International Olympic Panel like recreation still ordinarily are not contested from Olympic cd books Many people do not consider sacks as an advertising tool, but it can be one of the best advertisements for your marketing dollar””I grew up in New York in the United States, COACH is famous fashion brandCoach could possibly be the extremely most appropriate most well-known design producer all over the worldTo start with, search for last year’s designs.


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Perhaps you equitable accessory want you apt your group alternatively perhaps are musing of incorporating an more immediately in period The cheap Coach handbags are recognized for its fashion and elegance is what many designer handbags ooze All the Discipline Supplier basic artisans happen to be a whole lot stirred through imitation leather capabilities from the skiing glove that wasthat’s bundled on the eye-catching type information on most of the Discipline handbags Eduardo A Coach Shops are the ideal way to fulfill your lengthy cherished desires Every gal loves the girl custom totes and even though possibly you have several in your attire, Coach outlet online store in USA, I’m definite you tin ascertain place individually distant extraBecause the suggested medicines are capable of combat the worry of the sufferers, all the obsessions as well as compulsions involving Obsessive-complusive-disorder sufferers may just Coach Outlet Online be taken care of also It must have a good texture that adds to a tactile experience for the customerLike humans can be considered one of the very low price of handbags also probably using other, bags are very similar charges certainly inferior Coach Outlet Store Online may makes some money Brand juicy bags Hermes commodities unfortunately learn normal start for professional; provider brand talks But the style is similar In addition it boasts a jewelry to make sure you trim any accessories or possibly primary fob Suitable for your outfit cosmetic style, I then have become fascinated with the country’s completely unique good condition There are plenty of sellers on the eBay portal that have authentic Coach Merchandise that you can get as much as 50% off retail Coach purses and handbags are in the market since 1940’s These people carefully design where the Coach Handbags ought to be place on the bag and the Coach Handbags are always positioned on the bag with balance What matters is how much credit you have, Coach Outlet Store Online the type of credit you’ve & how you pay your bills Initially they were famous because of the highest quality of leather products Coach Outlet Online but today they are famous for latest trends, designs and innovative accessories.


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The owners of Get Up Radio Media Broadcasting LLC has decided due to so many videos being on youtube, myspace and music being on so many social media networks drowning out the possible 5% of great and talented artists that we help! 

Get Up Radio Media Broadcasting LLC is going to do this by allowing you, the ARTIST, SINGER, BAND, MUSICIAN, to send us your video, or music mp3 that is the next “GREAT HIT” via email by mailing it to and we, along with other music specialists will review the video or mp3 and contact you if we see potential in presenting it to the many Radio Directors, General Managers, and Record Label A&R that we have direct contact with. We will take those that we feel have such talents and promote them and ONLY THEM on our new page coming on get up radio called “HOT TALENT” making sure they get the needed attention they deserve. 


Are you the one we should promote, and bring towards other radio stations and record labels as well as personally help promote on our site to individuals around the world?

If the answer is YES then email us with your name, contact phone number, email address and your video and / or mp3 demo.


PLEASE make sure your music MP3 song is copywritten by BMI or ASCAP before sending it to us at If you don’t know how to copyright your music, then feel free to contact us first and we will be happy to help you do so. 


We are waiting to help those that deserve the right to be NOTICED and have that DREAM finally COME TRUE! Send us your music or video and find out if you are ready for RADIO and MORE!

Only so many can get on American Idol, or The Voice, or Who’s Got Talent…that is why we are here to help you NOW! Send your music or video to us now at .


Get Up Radio Media Broadcasting LLC Management


***Please note that if you are highly talented and we see a need to present you on our “HOT TALENT” Page and also present you to other Radio Stations and Record Lables that you will need to be sign a preliminary promotion contract as you cannot promote yourself to any Entertainment Company without legal representation. We MUST obey that same law in order to help you. 

Time to Get FREE MONEY & GAS!

Hello Everyone

I remember when Get Up Radio was only getting 32 users a day to listen to us and I had to show

my appreciation to them for listening. That is where the “FREE GAS” & “FREE MONEY” giveaways

came in. I want to continue to show my appreciation through these hard economic times. That is

why I am giving away up to $100 Dollars of either FREE GAS or FREE MONEY or both. All you have

to do is register with us on our online community and earn points to earn at least 2 stars to be in 

the giveaway. That SIMPLE! So why pass up on FREE GAS or FREE MONEY? I will announce the 

winner the end of march so hopefully it will be you!


Alan Cousin 

Owner of Get Up Radio Media Broadcasting LLC

Community Points Contest

Community Points Contest


Welcome to the Community Points Contest Section. Here you will get to understand how you can use the points you earn from performing certain actions on our online community to be entered into MONTHLY CONTESTS for a chance to win FREE MONEY, PRIZES, A FREE SMARTPHONE or even WIN a CHANCE to own a piece of GET UP RADIO MEDIA BROADCASTING LLC.


Upper Management of Get Up Radio


You can see that there are several ways to earn points on the point system for the Get Up Radio Online Community. There is also a 5 STAR SYSTEM as well which will automatically include you into certain raffles and giveaways when you reach a certain STAR in the STAR SYSTEM.

As far as the 5 STAR SYSTEM works, you will be entered into the raffle / contests below automatically once you reach that STAR in the STAR SYSTEM:

(Raffles occur every 1 to 3 months)

5 STAR RAFFLE will occur every DECEMBER 31 of the calender year***



2 STARS  = FREE $25 Dollar Visa Gift Card or Gas Card

3 STARS = FREE $50 Dollar Visa Gift Card or Gas Card


5 STARS = Be placed in RAFFLE to win a percentage of Get Up Radio MEDIA BROADCASTING LLC.


As far as the point system, you can do the following to earn points and then read below to see what you can use your points for.



13   Add video
-10   Remove video
12   Add Event
4    Upload Event Avatar
11   Post a new topic in Forums
2    Reply to a topic in Forums
3    Attach image to a Forum topic
3    Attach a file to a Forum topic
10    Add Application
-8    Remove Application     
6    Upload Photo


9  Add New Group
3  Add New Group’s Discussion
-5  Leave Group
3  Approve Friend Request
2  Add New Photo Album
3  Post Group Wall
2  Reply Messages     
-3  Remove Group member
-3  Delete news     
-1  Remove Wall 
-1  Remove Photo album
-1  Remove photos

  4   Join Group     
3   Reply Group’s Discussion
2   Post Wall     
3   Profile Status Update
4   Profile Update 
3   Update group     
4   Upload group avatar
5   Create Group’s News
3   Post Wall for photos
-2   Remove Friend     
9   Upload profile avatar
2   Update privacy     


You will earn points for performing the following things above and you will be able to use your points towards, FREE ADVERTISING, FREE MONEY or to purchase Get Up Radio Items such as T-Shirts, bags, ETC…

Using Point to earn money!

Want FREE CASH? Well join the online community and earn the points to make the cash!

Here is the point system for ADS & FREE CASH!























10000 Points $10 Cash
25000 Points $25 Cash
50000 Points $50 Cash
100000 Points

$100 Cash

                       200000 Points   Win a Free 3 Hour Limo Ride
                       300000 Points   Host Your Own show for 1 Year
                       400000 Points   Win $400 Cash
                       450000 Points   Win $500 Cash
                      500000 Points    Win a FREE 3 or 5 Day Cruise**
                      600000 Points   Win a Date with one of our Models**
                       700000 Points   Win $2,500 Shopping Spree**
                       800000 Points   Win 3 Day Trip to New Orleans**
                       900000 Points   Win 3 Day Trip to Atlanta**
                      1000000 Points   Win 7 Day Cruise**
** All Prizes with asterisks will be based on availability of staff and given to a max of 2 people in 1 Calender Year, unless authorized by Owner of Get Up Radio. **