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Get Up Radio Media Broasdcasting is now an official sponsor of the New Orleans Famous Celebrity Cocktail & Shows Support for Guaranteed Fair Tipping for Restaurant Servers. Show your Support too by going to for more info.


Hip-Hop, R&B, Old School, Jazz, Rap, Rock, Hard Rock, International Music, Videos, Music Tours, Entertainment News and More! Get the feeling of Ecstasy in LIFE with GET UP RADIO MEDIA BROADCASTING live and around the clock with  only the best of techno, vocal trance and other hits straight from Atlanta and New Orleans!




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Get Up & Stop Bullying

Get Up & Stop Bullying with Get Up Radio Media Broadcasting


Get Up Radio Media Broadcasting is proud to be a sponsor of the Anti-Bullying Campaign to help individuals of all genders, ages, and cultures understand that you don’t need to allow yourself to be bullied. Stand up and let them know that you are IMPORTANT! Remember if someone focuses their attention on you then they are making you the center of their attention therefore making you a STAR!


Go to the website and learn more about how to support anti-bullying and improve yourself against others that are jealous of your talents. Make sure to enter the contests there supported by Get Up Radio Media Broadcasting. GET UP & BE A STAR with GET UP RADIO MEDIA.





Click Here to Show Support for Anti-Bully APP and CALL CENTER







Become a Sponsor

Become a Sponsor

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